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Worksheet Resources $40/year
Worksheet Resources $40/year

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Posted: 08 May 2023



Changes to E-Classroom
Splitting of English- and Afrikaans-medium content

Within the next few months, content for English and Afrikaans speakers will be separated so that NEW CUSTOMERS will be able to choose a license for the medium of instruction that they prefer. Those who choose an English license will only have access to the English-medium subjects and those who choose an Afrikaans license will only have access to the Afrikaans-medium subjects.

Additional Languages ALREADY Swapped Around

In preparation for the change above, you will notice that Afrikaans Additional Language now appears with all the other English-medium subjects and English Additional Language with the Afrikaans-medium subjects. Hopefully this will make it much easier for you to access everything in one place.

will continue to have access to both language
versions until their current licenses expire.
Please note...

that we have updated our terms and conditions.


Help your kids ace their exams

As exams approach, please remember to visit our website to access new practice papers to help students with exam prep.

New resources are now online for:

  • Grade 3: Life Skills, Mathematics and Afrikaans Additional Language
  • Grade 4: New "Local History" content and videos
  • Grades R-6: Safety with Electricity content

Our resources are a constant work in progress, so if you're not checking the website regularly for improvements, you may be missing out.

Language Lesson Plans

We receive many requests to return our popular language unit lesson plans. Unfortunately, constant teaching plan adjustments since the pandemic make it unviable for us to offer these at this stage. We, like every teacher, hope the most recent 2023-2024 ATPs will be permanently adopted into the curriculum. Once we have that information from the DBE, we will develop language lesson plans again.

New on E-Academy

2023 ATP-aligned Term 2 assessments will be available as follows from the end of May:

  • Mathematics Assessments: Grades 4 - 11
  • English Home Language Assessments: Grade 4 & 9
  • Economic & Management Sciences Assessments: Grade 7
  • Life Skills Assessments: Grade 4

Practice papers from previous years are also available, but may include questions related to content removed from the most recent ATPs. They are equally helpful, and should your child encounter a question relating to removed content, they should skip the question and use the rest of the paper to help them study.

Have you tried E-Academy?

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