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Worksheet Resources $40/year
Worksheet Resources $40/year

April 2016

Posted: 28 Apr 2016

It’s hard to believe we are already in the second term, and before we even blink, exams will be upon us! Educators and parents, please don’t forget about our interactive maths and science revision papers which provide a platform for learners to practise their knowledge and receive immediate results. Learners can work at their own pace and the instant feedback lets them know exactly what subject areas they’re good at, and what still needs a bit of attention. We have made them available from our mobi-site as well as the Google Play Store and AppStore. Click below:

Social Emotional Learning – An essential classroom tool!

Managing social and emotional issues like bullying, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour and classroom anxiety, can be very challenging and time consuming for a teacher. It has a major impact on the quality of teaching, academic progress and performance, a teacher’s overall job satisfaction and a learner’s enjoyment of school.

It is within this context that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has captured the imaginations of academics, policy-makers and practitioners alike who suggest that SEL is the ‘missing piece’ in the quest to provide effective education for young learners. There is a significant amount of international research that gives SEL its credibility and transformational reputation.

Educators and practitioners who engage in SEL training and proactively teach broad-based SEL programmes can realistically expect to enjoy positive outcomes personally, in their classrooms and in the individual development of each learner.

SACE accredited Social and Emotional Learning workshop – Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

Our next workshops (Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase) will be held in the following regions:

  • Cape Town: Southern Peninsula – Fish Hoek High School – Lecture Theatre – 7 May 2016 – 09h00-12h00
  • Eastern Cape (Grahamstown) – St Andrews Preparatory- 6 May 2016 from 14h30-17h30. Leicester Street, Grahamstown

Please note that seats are limited and we operate on a first come, first served basis. Should you wish to attend, please complete and send the booking form to [email protected]. Cost per teacher is R500.00 per workshop (Teacher manuals to be purchased separately). FREE 60 DAY Social Emotional Assessment TRIAL offered per school attending!

Click here for the SACE booking form

Lunchbox snacks

Ultra-Mel-logoA child’s success in many areas, including school, can be affected by having a healthy school lunch. Packing a healthy school lunch for your child will benefit your child in many ways.

Ultra Mel is all about sharing the love, right? Remember to put a little yellow ray of sunshine in your loved one’s lunch box! The new Ultra Mel Mini is a delicious lunchbox snack that comes in a 125 ml pack with a straw for convenient sipping. Made with 80% milk, it’s ideal as a lunchbox treat, but because of its compact size and no need for refrigeration, the new Ultra Mel Mini can be enjoyed anywhere, any time.

Hop on the Ultra Mel bus with Teeny, Trixi, Giddy and Kylie and follow the magic of new Ultra Mel Mini. Click on the links below to download fun Maths, Science and Creative Arts worksheets and meet the Ultra Mel characters!

Grade 6 Animal welfare ambassador search

IFAWThe International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is searching for 10 Grade 6 animal welfare ambassadors to represent them in the school environment. They are searching for learners who have compassion and respect for animals and want to make sure that they are protected, now and in the future. Each ambassador will be required to download the IFAW educational content from www.e-classroom.co.za and distribute it to their school friends and communities. For each feedback form IFAW receives, the ambassador will earn points for their school and themselves. At the end of the year, the points will be converted to cash (for their school) and vouchers (for the ambassador) to spend at their favourite store. If you are passionate about protecting animals and want to become an IFAW ambassador, complete the application form and email it back to: [email protected]

We hope you are enjoying the new E-classroom website and continue with us on our journey to bring quality education into our classrooms and homes.

Yours in education



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