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Worksheet Resources $40/year
What To Do In Your Gap Year

What To Do In Your Gap Year

Posted: 05 Dec 2017

What do I do now that I have finished my last exam?

What can I do in my gap year?

What can I do next year?

These may be the questions you are asking yourself. Did you know that a quarter of students do not know what to do after compulsory education?

Uncertainty is normal and we are here to help you out. Post matric courses or short courses are one of the best ways to gain a skill and explore your passions further. The variety of online courses that are available today is extensive.

You can do a short photography course online, learn how to edit your photographs and set up your own e-commerce website. These skills and knowledge can set you up to start your own business or photography career.  

Completing an online post matric course is a great way to improve your CV and stand out from the crowd of applicants. Online courses aim to make the studying process enjoyable, extensive and easy to use.  

One of the most highly recognised online educational platforms in the world is Udemy. Udemy provides a variety of courses across various categories including, marketing, business, IT, photography, lifestyle, personal development and design.

To make things easier for you, we have created a list of our top 10 favourite online courses:


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