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Unlocking the reasons why students struggle to finish writing essays during exams

Unlocking the reasons why students struggle to finish writing essays during exams

Posted: 24 Jul 2023

Exams can be stressful for students, particularly when it comes to writing essays within a limited timeframe. Many students find themselves battling against the clock and struggling to complete their essays before the exam ends. 

One of the primary reasons students struggle to finish their essays is poor time management. Some students may spend too much time on a single section or question, leaving inadequate time for essay writing. Students should allocate time effectively by planning and prioritising their questions during the exam.

  1. Becoming writing fit requires regular practice. A good idea is to practice past exam papers and set times to complete questions. 
  2. Reading extensively also helps with exposure to different writing styles, vocabulary, and sentence structures.  
  3. Studying the work of skilled writers and their techniques and paying attention to their use of language, storytelling, and persuasive techniques is beneficial.
  4. Sharing writing with teachers and peers can provide constructive feedback to help identify areas for improvement. 
  5. Practising different forms of writing, such as persuasive essays, short stories, or descriptive narratives will also broaden writing abilities and develop strong editing and revising skill.
  6. Mastering the fundamental aspects of writing, such as grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and vocabulary, can help writing ideas flow effectively during exams.
  7. Simulate exam conditions by practising timed writing exercises. Set a specific time limit and challenge to complete a writing task within that timeframe. This helps develop speed, clarity, and focus when writing under pressure.
  8. Strengthening foundational skills through practice and seeking teacher guidance can help improve writing fitness. 

Remember, becoming writing fit is a continuous process. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. Writing requires regular practice to improve and maintain writing fitness like any skill.


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